Built Up Stainless Steel Letters: Give outstanding results which you exactly want to see!

Built Up Stainless Steel Letter is the best advertising product that helps to attract a large number of audience. These letters are made by utilizing a lot of innovative techniques as well as high-quality material at Clarity LED. Known as 3D letters or channel letters because of the channel made when a letter face and return are verified together, built-up letters can be lit up with LEDs from our broad range of modules.

Built-up letters are made from a choice of flat-faced, edge and return, rimless, slanted and prismatic letter styles. Clarity LED offers an extensive range of built-up letters in different sizes and shapes in which you want to get. These letters are utilized for shop signs, show signs, way discovering signs and directional signs.

Essential components of stainless steel built-up letters:

Face letter: This is a flat cut stainless steel letter which is cut through abrasive water jet in the typeface as well as in the size of you need.

Side return: The side return is an edging which provides your lettering the presence of significance. Generally, it is a part of stainless steel cut that precisely made to fit the perimeter of each and every character.

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