HD-A60x full color Async sync dual-mode LED controller HD player box

HDMI input to send the live feed to the screen

HD-A600 Series pixel size :

  • HD-A601 ( Pixel 800W*600H)
  • HD-A602 (Pixel 1280W*720H)
  • HD-A603 (Pixel 1920w*1080H)

Switch Syn and Asyn mode automatically.
Max support 2,000,000 pixels HD LED display.
Support HD video hardware decoding.
Support 3G/4G/Wi-Fi Internet management.

A9 1GHZ CPU, the fastest  CPU in LED controllers.
Support 1080P HD video hardware decoding, excellent video effect.
4GB, can store 4-hours HD video files.
Support import video by U-disk directly, play and plug.